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Extracurricular Events

All Honors students are required to accumulate 15 extracurricular points each year. Below is a list of suggested events and activities. Note: If you are participating in community or volunteer activities please contact Jennifer, for an evaluation of your event and amount of points awarded. Please see the Extracurricular Point Menu (122 KB) for a description of types of events that can be awarded points. If you know of events or activities and do not see them below, please contact Jennifer so the events can be advertised to fellow Honors students.  

Spring 2015 Events  
  • April
    • WRHC-Western Regional Honors Conferece: April 9-12 in Reno Nevada. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Dr. Eckert, or visit the website. 6 extracurricular points will be granted for presenting. PLEASE NOTE THE HONORS HOUSE WILL BE CLOSED APRIL 9-10.
    • RMHC-Rocky Mountail Honors Council symposium: April 18 9:00-4:00 at CSU Pueblo. We will be leaving Friday April 17 and staying the night.  The RMHC is a symposium where 10-13 rocky mountain honors programs are all given the same prompt, and each team will come up with a 10 minute presentation. Each team can be large as the honors program, only three team mebers will be presenting the information at the symposium The teams are judged by outside community membrs to select a winner each year. The prompt for this year is: 
      • Our lives have grown more digital while concerns with national and personal security have increased.  Snowden’s disclosure of the NSA’s surveillance program and (what appears to be) corporate complicity highlights the contemporary tension between the democratic values of a) personal privacy and public transparency, and b) the demand for national security.  Can these values and demands be reconciled? If so, how?  If not, what should take priority? Why?

If you are interested in being apart of the team, or traveling to watch the symposium, please contact Jennifer. 4 extracurricular points will be granted for helping, and attending, 6 points will be granted if you are one of the three presenters.  

    •  Rockies Game: Friday April 25 at 6:40 The Honors Program will be attending the Rockies Game for "College Night". We have 25 tickets that will be given away on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in attending please contact Jennifer. With each ticket you will receive $6 towards concessions, and a free pair of sunglasses! 2 extracurricular points will be granted for attendance 
  • May 
    • Bolder Boulder: Are you are interested in running the Bolder Boulder with the Honors Program? You are in luck! We will be paying the registration for any students that are interested in Running in the Bolder Boulder in 2015. Please set up an appointment with Jennifer to get registered, and find out more information about training as a group. 4 extracurricular points will be granted for training, and running. 
    • Spring Thesis Defense: There comes a time in the lives of honors students when they must stand at the pinnacle of the mountain of information they have acquired and defend the thesis they have fought endlessly to create. For these 15 students, that time has come. Join us for this special rite of passage.
      Tuesday, May 5, 2015
      Jennifer Mueller 2:00 pm in SI 1117
      • Colorado Prairie Grassland Ecological Restoration: an analysis of land management on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge?
      Friday, May 8, 2015
      Heidi Baldwin-Kirchkoff 8:00 am in SSB 420
      • Thinking about Emotions and Personalities
      Nate Sturges 9:30 am in SSB 420
      • Industry analysis: Commercial Banking Industry
       Guy Grigsby 11:00 am in SSB 420
      • jvARM: Java Virtual ARM Machine an editor, interpreter and debugger for learning ARM assembly
       Justin Fye 11:00 am in SSB 200
      • Outdated Copyright Laws
      Corey Engle 12:30 pm in SSB 420
      • The Effects of Internet, Social Media Site, and Mobile Device Use: A Developmental Perspective
      Bobbi Capps 2:00 pm in SSB 420
      • From Job Offer Through first 90 days
      Meaghan Owens 5:00 pm in SSB 420
      • Disposal of E-Waste and it’s Impacts on the Ecosystem
      Friday, May 15, 2015
      Allison Brake 8:00 am in SSB 420
      • Modern Day Women
      Peter Gibbins 9:30 am in SSB 420
      • Social Movements and Public Policy
       Rachel Strle 11:00 am in SSB 420
      • Food as Medicine: Eating the Way to Wellness
       Austin Banks 11:00 am in SSB 200
      • Another Road Home? A Critical Analysis of Denver’s “10 Years to End Homelessness”
      Elizabeth Asscherick 3:30 pm in SSB 420
      • Feeding the Homeless: A study in Food Waste and Modern Ideas Collaborating for a Cause
      David Mann 5:00 pm in SSB 420
      • What is Financial Health?
       Hal Bewley 5:00 pm in SSB 200
      • Mortar Between BRICS: an examination of the infrastructures of China and India
  • The 2014-2015 PHABS Representatives are:
    • Naomi Bolts
    • Jennifer Mueller
    • David Spittler
    • Morgan Stimpson
    • Micha Richie

 2014-2015 Extracurricular Point Total

Please select the link above to see your total points for this year.

  • This years Think Tank Officers are:
    • President: Hal Bewley
    • VP: Aaron Itner
    • Secretary: Tracy Nguyen
    • Treasure: Vacant
      • For more information about Think Tank. Please visit the Think Tank website by clicking here: Think Tank