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Have YOU made an Impact in your community? Would you like the chance to win a $500 scholarship just by telling your story?  Here’s your chance:

  1. Record a 60-90 second video telling us about yourself and the Impact you have made
  2. Upload your video and complete the application form below by January 31st.
  3. The Homecoming Committee will post all of the videos on our YouTube Channel
  4. We'll give you the link to your video, and it's up to you to promote yourself! Share your video with your family and friends through social media, be sure they are logged into Google/YouTube and click the "Like" button
  5. The two videos that get the most number of "Likes" will receive the awards
  6. Voting will be open through Homecoming Saturday (2/9/13) at 12:00pm

No matter what kind of Impact you have made, whether it has been here on campus, at your job, or in your neighborhood, we want YOU to share your story and be entered to win one of two $500 scholarships and special recognition as one of MSU Denver's "Best of the Best"! 

Help us showcase your accomplishments to the rest of the MSU Denver Community. For more information, please contact MSU Denver Student Activities at 303-556-2595stop by the office in Tivoli 305, or send them an email.

First Name:
Last Name:
900 Number:
Address: Street:
State: Zip:
Cumulative GPA:



Are you involved in any on-campus clubs or organizations?



If yes, which ones?


If you are selected to receive the award, you will need to complete certain documents to verify your identity and ensure you are an MSU Denver Student. Are you willing to submit that information when needed?



Please upload your 60-90 second video here. If your video is larger than 10MB please contact Matt Brinton


By clicking submit, I verify that all of the above information is correct and give the MSU Denver Homecoming Committee permission to publish my video on their YouTube page for the purposes of this project. I understand that the video may be reproduced and used in a variety of ways to promote this award, promote Homecoming festivities, and promote the Metropolitan State University of Denver.