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            If you are seeking Historical General Studies, Global Diversity, or Multicultural credits, the History Department has courses to suit your needs and interests. If you plan on pursing a History major or minor you will find numerous attractive offerings and an outstanding faculty. Both the major and minor are becoming even more flexible in their requirements under the Fall 2015 catalog which applies to students entering in Fall 2015.

            With more than 25 full-time professors and a pool of dedicated affiliate faculty members, the Department offers a wide variety of courses. Beginning in Fall 2015 students seeking Historical General Studies can select among eleven lower division offerings such as HIS 1040 World History since 1500 (which also counts for Global Diversity credit) or HIS 1150 Multicultural America (which also counts for Multicultural credit). Students with more of a focused interest may wish to consider HIS 1250 China and East Asia, HIS 1270 India and South Asia, or HIS 1035 The Medieval World.

            If you want to pursue a History major or minor or are seeking Secondary School Teaching Licensure in Social Science with a History major, please make an appointment with a history advisor. If you entered MSU before Fall 2015 and are majoring or minoring in History, check periodically with an advisor. Sometimes we are able to find ways to speed up your graduation or to save you from taking unnecessary courses.

            We have tried to make our web pages as accurate as possible. However, they do not supplant the University Catalog which if at variance with information on our web pages is the final authority. You should acquaint yourself with the University Catalog which is available online. It gives information on degree and graduation requirements as well as various university rules which are important for you to know.

            We appreciate that you are likely making great sacrifices to pursue your higher education goals. We are here to help you get an excellent education and to show you various paths leading to intellectual treasures which will enrich you rest of your life.

Fall 2015 Program Changes:

History major and minor requirements and some course titles, numbers and General Studies and Global Diversity status will change in Fall 2015. The major and minor changes will apply to students entering under the Fall 2015 University Catalog. History majors and minors who entered under an earlier catalog will remain under the requirements in effect at the time they entered unless they have officially changed their catalog year or have broken their enrollment at MSU Denver by being out of school for three consecutive semesters (summers count as semesters for determining broken enrollment).

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