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    The History department has 25 full-time professors whose specializations cover most of the globe. We are here to show you paths leading to intellectual treasures that will enrich you for the rest of your life.  Our majors, more than 400 of them, develop a thorough knowledge of history that not only enhances their civic awareness but also makes them attractive to employers.

          Many history students go into teaching, politics, and law.  But the study of history also offers a “framework for business decision making.”  Good historians instinctively think about how things happen and how decisions affect subsequent events. As an article in the Harvard Business Review notes, history teaches skills that businesses covet. The CEO of a Fortune 500 company touts degrees in the liberal arts, such as history, over degrees in math, science, or business, because the liberal arts help you “not only be successful in business, but in the business of life.”

If you need more convincing that in the long run your degree in history will pay off, look here, here, and here.  The skills that the study of history conveys—an understanding of the past, along with analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills—are ones that can
be adapted to an ever-changing, complex world.

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Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, edited by Chrystyna Banks

"Tower and upper facade of tower building--Tivoli-Union Brewery, 1320-1348 Tenth St., Denver, Denver County, CO"            

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