Immunization Requirements


Colorado State Law requires any student who is enrolled in one or more credit hour in Higher Education must comply with their school's immunization policy. This also includes students who take online only classes, are studying abroad, enrolled in any graduate program or who are active military. The required immunizations are proof of two doses of measles, two doses of mumps and two doses of rubella or two MMR vaccinations.

Immunization Deadline

October 1st for new fall/summer students

March 1st for new spring students

If the Auraria Immunization Office does not receive your completed measles, mumps and rubella records by the deadline, an immunization HOLD will be placed on the students account preventing future registrations.

Students born after January 1, 1957 must complete step 1 of the ‌Auraria Immunization Compliance Form and attach proof of one of the following:

  • Copy of your immunization records designating two doses of measles, two doses of mumps and two doses rubella vaccinations OR 2 MMR Vaccinations 
  • Have your healthcare provider complete section 2 on the Compliance Form
  • Submit your titer blood test results. 

Students born before January 1, 1957 are exempt from the MMR requirement since it is assumed that they have been exposed to the diseaseHowever, students must complete step 1 of the ‌Auraria Immunization Compliance Form and submit the  Immunization Compliance Form to the Auraria Immunization Office located in Plaza 149.

Individuals who cannot find their shot records and know that they were fully vaccinated or had all three diseases have the option to provide written evidence of positive laboratory tests (known as a blood titer test for immunity). Test results must reflect positive immunity to measles, mumps and rubella. Please complete step 1 of the Auraria Immunization Compliance Form‌ and attach a copy of the actual lab report. If results prove less than positive you must provide evidence of re-vaccination.  The Health Center at Auraria provides the MMR vaccine and blood titer testing at reduced fees.  Please call the Health Center at 303-556-2525 for current pricing.

Medical, Religious and personal exemptions are allowed by law.  Students who submit exemptions are subject to the prevailing regulations governing quarantines in case of outbreaks and university policies related to forfeiture of tuition and fees. If you wish to file an exemption, print out the Auraria Immunization Compliance Form and fill out step 1 and step 3.

Submission of Immunization Records & Required Documents

  1. Records must be legible and translated in English.
  2. Make copies of all submitted documents for your records. 
  3. Submit a copy of your records by using one of the following methods:
  • Mail: Auraria Immunization Office Campus Box 15, PO Box 173362, Denver, CO 80217-3362
  • Drop off: in the Plaza Building, Suite 149.  After office hours, drop off your immunization records in the silver immunization drop boxes outside of the Health Center at Auraria, Plaza Building, Suite 149.  Do NOT deliver records under either of the location's doors.  
  • Fax: to 303-556-5341 

Monday - Thursday 8am to 5pm (no shots from 12-1 and after 4pm)

Friday 8am to 3pm (no shots from 12-1 and after 2pm)