Immunization Requirements

All Auraria students are required to comply with the Auraria Campus Immunization policy. This includes students who are active military duty and studying abroad. For questions or additional information call 303-556-2525.

Students born after January 1, 1957 must provide documented proof that they have received two rubeola (measles), one rubella (German measles) and two mumps vaccinations OR two combination MMR (measles, mumps and rubella.)*

Students born before January 1, 1957 are exempt from the MMR requirement since it is assumed that they have been exposed to the disease. However, students born before January 1, 1957 must complete section one of the Auraria Immunization Compliance form (entitled “personal data” section) and submit the compliance form to the Auraria Immunization Office in order to be considered compliant with State law.   

It is highly recommended that the Immunization Compliance Form be completed prior a student's first attendance on the Auraria campus. If the Auraria Immunization Office does not have a compliance form on file by October 1 for new Fall or Summer enrollees (or March 1 for new Spring enrollees), an immunization HOLD will be placed on the students' account preventing future registrations.

*Individuals who cannot find their shot records and know that they were fully vaccinated or had all three diseases have the option to provide written evidence of positive laboratory tests (known as a blood titer test for immunity). Test results must reflect positive immunity to measles, mumps and rubella. If results prove less than positive you must provide evidence of re-vaccination.  The Health Center at Auraria provides the MMR vaccine and blood titer testing at reduced fees.  Please call the Health Center at 303-556-2525 for current pricing.

 Please click on the link below to obtain the required form:

Auraria Immunization Compliance Form

  1. Copy of Medical records from a physician which outlines your immunization history. This information is kept by a family physician, pediatrician or State/County immunization clinics where you received health care.
  2. Proof of Personal History of measles, mumps and rubella which can clinically be determined through a blood titer test which assesses immunity. If you believe you had each of these diseases or vaccinations, your physician can order blood tests known as blood titers. Only a positive result for all three (3)diseases (measles, mumps and rubella) will be accepted as proof of immunity. Consult your physician or a medical representative from the Auraria Immunization clinic for further guidance.
  3. Official International "Yellow" Certificate of Immunization: This document is provided by travel clinics, State and County immunization clinics and often carried by Military members from the Department of Defense. This certificate is yellow and may include information such as blood type and allergies. This is often required to enter foreign countries.
  4. Official signed copy of High School Immunization Record: Any student who has attended elementary or secondary education in the state of Colorado is required to provide the public school system with evidence of childhood immunizations. Historically, vaccine records were kept on cards and maintained by a school medical official. More recently, some schools have transcribed immunization records into a school data base and are reported with a student's academic records. An individual may request a copy of their official transcript and immunization record from the high school they attended. Students who attended public school systems in other states are encouraged to inquire about personal records from the school they attended.
  5. Certificate of Immunization (PDF) signed by a physician, nurse or school authority. This form can be taken to a medical provider or agency that has documented records of your immunization history. They will transfer your immunization records to this form. There is no need to print this PDF form if you select to submit your proof of immunization using one of the other options listed above. This form is also used for exemption purposes.

Submission of Immunization Records & Required Documents

  1. Please make a copy of all submitted documents for your personal records so that you have a copy in the event that your paperwork does not reach the Immunization Office. 

  2. Once you have completed the required forms and have proof of your immunization records, you can submit these records by mailing them to: Auraria Immunization Office, Campus Box 15, PO Box 173362, Denver, CO 80217-3362 OR you can hand-deliver them to the Auraria Immunization Office located in the Plaza Building, Suite 149. You can also fax them to 303-556-5341 and include your full name, student ID number and phone number on a separate cover page. 

  3. After office hours, you may drop off your immunization records and the required forms in the gray immunization drop boxes outside of the Health Center at Auraria, located in the Plaza Building, Suite 149.  Documents must be in a sealed envelope.

  4. Do NOT deliver records under either of the location's doors.  Once your documentation is received and the Immunization Office determines you have met all immunization requirements, you will not need to provide this information in future semesters.

Immunization Office hours

Medical, Religious and personal exemptions are allowed by law.  Students who submit exemptions are subject to the prevailing regulations governing quarantines in case of outbreaks and university policies related forfeiture of tuition and fees.