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MSU Denver cares about the wellbeing of our student population. Therefore, we offer an affordable Student Health Insurance Plan. Students enrolled on the University Health Plan can utilize the Health Center at Auraria with no cost for most services. You will also have access to a larger network of outside providers to meet your medical needs.


If you decide to waive out of our affordable Student Health Insurance Plan, you can still access the Health Center at Auraria as we accept a variety of outside insurance plans. If you do not have health insurance, the Health Center at Auraria will still accommodate your needs at an affordable price. 


Student Health Insurance Requirement 2015-2016

 All students, undergraduate and graduate, taking nine credit hours or more in any given semester of attendance are required to either participate in the university-offered health insurance program or submit proof of having outside health insurance that meets the University’s compliance standards by submitting an electronic waiver compliance form by the waiver deadline for the current semester. Proof of outside health insurance must be submitted each semester a student is taking nine credit hours or more.

The University health insurance plan offered each fall semester provides coverage for five months and the spring semester plan provides coverage for seven months. Premium rates for Fall and Spring semesters vary according to the number of months included in each of the coverage periods.

Upon registering for courses, students taking nine or more credit hours will automatically be billed for the Student Health Insurance on their tuition bill and will automatically receive an email to their University email account that informs them of this charge. Students will automatically be enrolled in the University-offered health insurance plan unless they submit an electronic waiver compliance form by the waiver deadline that documents that they have outside health insurance that meets the published compliance standards.

All submitted outside health insurance information will be audited to ensure that the compliance standards are met. Students whose waivers are approved will then have the insurance charge removed from their tuition bill. Waivers will not be granted if the submitted outside insurance does not meet the compliance standards. In addition, waivers will not be granted for any waivers submitted after the waiver compliance deadline for the current semester.

Note that students who initially register for nine or more credit hours, but subsequently drop below nine credit hours before the waiver compliance deadline, will automatically have the insurance charge removed from their tuition bill and will not be covered by the University-offered health insurance for the current semester. Student taking less than nine (9) credit hours are not permitted to voluntarily participate in the University sponsored student health insurance plan.

For additional details of this requirement, including the University’s Outside Health Insurance Compliance Standards, visit Student Insurance.
The Student Health Insurance office is located in the Plaza Building, Suite 149, and can be reached by calling 303-556-2525, Monday–Friday, during regular business hours.

Fall Coverage: August 17, 2015 through January 18, 2016

$1,110 (5 months of coverage, and is automatically billed to tuition if at 9 or more credits by census date)

Spring/Summer Coverage:  January 19, 2016 through August 21, 2016

$1,552 (7 months of coverage, and is automatically billed to tuition if at 9 or more credits by census date)

Summer Coverage: June 6, 2016 through August 21, 2016

$667 (3 months of coverage, and cannot be billed to tuition. Please enroll in person - Plaza 149). Summer coverage is offered to new students only who are taking nine (9) or more credits. 

Insurance Waiver

 Waiver Standards 2015-2016

How to submit an Insurance Waiver


 Deadline Dates for Submitting an Insurance Waiver


  Last Day to Submit an Insurance Waiver

  Fall 2015

  September 02, 2015 (Fall Waiver will open July 6th)

  Spring 2016

  February 03, 2016

  Summer 2016

  No Requirement



Magellan Prescription Plan

Magellan RX Management is MSU Denver’s new prescription benefit provider. Magellan RX Management is dedicated to giving you the best service and resources to help you make better healthcare decisions.

Using Your Prescription Drug Card at Participating Retail Pharmacy Outlets

Students participating in the Student Health Insurance Plan will be mailed one I.D. card that is for both medical and pharmacy. If a prescription(s) must be filled prior to receiving your I.D. card, you must pay for the prescription(s) and submit a completed Prescription Claim Form to Magellan to have it apply to the plan benefits. Please submit a claim form every time you fill a prescription without your I.D. card! There is a $200 deductible to be satisfied first, then copays will apply. Please note: Prescriptions filled at the campus Health Center do not apply towards the $200.00 annual deductible. 

Prescription Drug Claim Form

Preventive Health Drug Lists


A participating pharmacy list, drug formulary and other online tools can be found at .

Magellan RX Management

4801 S. Washington Street, Suite 100

Phoenix, AZ  85034

Phone 1-800-424-5828

My AmeriBen Services

Participating students may access their general health plan information, print a temporary medical I.D. card or find In-Network pharmacies, doctors, specialists and hospitals by clicking the links below.

MSU Denver Full Plan Policy

MSU Denver Summary of Plan Policy 2015 - 2016

Temporary Medical ID Card_2015-2016

Cofinity PPO Networking Directory (Inside Colorado)

First Health Network (Outside Colorado)

Participating students may access their individual claims and eligibility (under View my Account), update SSNs, print 1095B Form for tax purposes, or see United Healthcare Privacy Notice by visiting this link below.

My Ameriben

Health Center Benefits

 The Health Center at Auraria provides on-campus health care to any MSU Denver student enrolled for at least one credit hour. Students do NOT need to participate in the Student Health Insurance Program to use the Health Center at Auraria. However, for those students who do participate in the Student Health Insurance Program, all eligible health care services are covered 100%, with no deductible and no pre-existing exclusions.

Benefits at the Health Center for Students Participating in the Student Health Insurance Program:

  • No out-of-pocket expenses (except for certain prescription co pays), 100% reimbursement for eligible expenses, no co-insurance.
  • Most prescription co-payments are $20.00; no limitation on Rx benefit for medications obtained at the Health Center at Auraria.
  • 100% well-care benefit, which includes one annual preventative health examination, supplies and selected lab testing
  • Pre-existing condition exclusions are waived for all services performed at the Health Center at Auraria
  • No insurance claim paperwork to complete; this is done for the student by Health Center personnel

For more information or to make an apppintment call (303) 556 - 2525. 

Travel Assistance – United Healthcare Global Services

Travel Assistance through United Healthcare Global provides the insured student with access to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies when faced with a travel or medical emergency while traveling 100 miles or more from his/her permanent residence or abroad. The program also provides emergency security and natural disaster assistance services when you are outside of your home country. Click on the links below for more information about United Healthcare Global.

Travel Assistance Benefits

UnitedHealthcare Global Services