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The Health Center at Auraria accepts most major health insurance plans because we understand the importance of health insurance for the individuals we serve. The Health Center at Auraria is not a Medicaid or Medicare provider, though, patients can utilize our services as self-pay patients. We strive to offer affordable healthcare to Auraria campus students, staff, faculty and affiliates. To meet the needs of self-pay patients, we offer a 50% time of service discount program. 

No one anticipates getting ill or injured, but the need for medical care occurs for each of us at various times in our lives. Be prepared by having a health insurance plan that covers a broad range of medical services. When it comes to health insurance, the most affordable plan you can find will most often not provide the best coverage. For this reason, become a consumer advocate by familiarizing yourself with how to compare health insurance plans and benefits. You will be happy you became knowledgeable when the time comes for you to access medical care.

  1. How do you find and access in-network medical care?

  2. Are there any well-care benefits included in your plan?

  3. Do you have a co-payment? If so, how much is it?

  4. What is your annual deductible?

  5. After your deductible is met, what percentage does your plan pay and what percentage is your responsibility? and

  6. What conditions or services are excluded from your coverage?

Click Colorado Health Insurance Resources and the Affordable Care Act for more information.