Download the 2012–2013 Campus Quick Reference, a directory of univeristy and campus departments:

2012-2013 Campus Quick Reference (PDF 894 KB)

Download our special topic spreads from the Handbook here:

Getting Started at Metro State (PDF 2,090 KB)

Student Success Building (PDF 3,061 KB)

Hotel & Hospitality Learning Center (PDF 1,882 KB)

Problems & Conflict Resolution (PDF 1,448 KB)

Emergency Preparedness (PDF 1,739 KB)

Academic Integrity (PDF 3,273 KB)

Metro Money (PDF 1,856 KB)

Financial Aid Award Packages (PDF 2,341 KB)

Financial Literacy (PDF 5,963 KB)

Mind & Body (PDF 5,498 KB)

Student Organizations (PDF 2,757 KB)

School Spirit (PDF 3,667 KB)

Preparing for Graduation (PDF 1,321 KB)

Food, Dining & Coffee (PDF 2,835 KB)