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Correspondence FAQ


General Information

It is a fully accredited college course in which you learn the same information you would in a classroom, BUT you study independently with the aid of a study guide prepared by the instructor. Correspondence courses are appropriate for independent learners who can set their own deadlines.

The study guide includes lecture notes, a syllabus, number of assignments, essay questions, instructions for exams or instructions for a research paper. Learning aids may include audio tapes and video tapes. TEXTBOOKS ARE USUALLY REQUIRED.

You have one year from the semester of enrollment to complete a correspondence course. For example, if you register in the fall semester of 2009, you have until the postmark deadline for the 2010 fall semester (see below) to submit your final assignment and complete the course. (IF YOU ARE A FINANCIAL AID STUDENT, please see Financial Aid information for details.)

Correspondence courses allow you to work at your own pace; however, they are not designed to be accelerated. Mailing and grading take time and that is why students are allowed one year to complete the course. Pay careful attention as to how assignments should be submitted in order to meet your own deadlines. Realize that instructors are not immediately available for grading papers and exams, especially during semester breaks, holidays, and some parts of summer semester.

When anticipating a graduation date or if you need an official transcript sent to an institution, ALLOW ADEQUATE TIME FOR GRADING AND MAILING OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. If you wish to have your grade posted with MSU Denver's Registrar for a specific semester, then your final assignment must be postmarked by the following dates: November 27 (fall semester); April 23 (spring semester); July 17 (summer semester).

Receiving a Grade (Deadlines)

Students must complete and submit all correspondence coursework in order to receive a grade.  To receive a grade in any given semester, you must submit your last assignment three weeks prior to MSU Denver's last day of classes.  Neither the instructor nor MSU Denver can assume responsibility for grading work or processing grades at the last minute in order to meet deadlines.  To receive a grade in a given semester, all coursework must be submitted (postmarked) to the instructor by:

  • Spring Semester Deadline:  April 23rd
  • Summer Semester Deadline:  July 17th
  • Fall Semester Deadline:  November 27th

Grading System

The Self-Paced Distance Learning Program uses a conventional plus/minus letter grade system.  Beginning Fall 2013, students who do not complete all coursework with the one year time frame will receive a "F" at the end of the fourth semester (one year from the semester in which the student registered).




Current MSU Denver students can register using the Banner registration system, ConnectU, via the web.

If you are a new student to MSU Denver, you must complete an admission application prior to registering. Click here for the MSU Denver admissions application or call Extended Campus at 303-450-5111 or 303-721-1313 for more information.

NOTE: Even though you have a year to complete a correspondence course, you are only considered to be registered for it in the semester that you initially register.


Study Packets and Textbooks

Please contact the Extended Campus Office at 303-450-5111 to obtain your study packet (syllabus).  Students enrolled in self-paced online correspondence classes will access study packets through Blackboard.  Textbooks can be purchased at the Auraria Campus Bookstore at the Auraria Higher Education Center, or online at  

bookstore link image for extended campus page


Degree Requirements

MSU Denver allows a total of 30 credit hours of correspondence courses to be used toward a baccalaureate degree. You must check with your faculty or academic advisor to determine which correspondence courses will count for your particular degree requirements. If you are completing a degree at an institution other than MSU Denver, you must check with your own college to see which correspondence courses are approved for your degree.


Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office has course completion requirements which you must maintain in order to remain in good standing for financial aid. CHECK WITH A FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR for specific information.

Financial aid students may register and pay tuition over the Banner system. Financial Aid payment policies apply. Refer to the current semester class schedule for more detail.