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Correspondence Courses

Self Paced Learning

With no class meetings, correspondence courses allow students to set an independent learning pace at home. Correspondence courses at Metropolitan State University of Denver offer guided instruction. Some correspondence courses are also offered in an on-line format.

Study Packet

The courses include a study packet, textbook and an instructor to assist students in completing the course. Although Correspondence Courses do not meet in a classroom setting, each course has an assigned instructor with whom students correspond via mail, e-mail or phone in the process of completing the course.

Some courses also include additional AV materials. Successful correspondence students are disciplined learners who can set and meet their own deadlines.

Perfect for Flexible Class Scheduling

Correspondence courses are perfect for students who are looking to add additional courses to their schedule without adding more time in the classroom, students who do not wish to take courses online, students who live in areas not accessible to Metropolitan State University of Denver, or students who need a flexible class schedule.

• Register for courses throughout the semester!
• Flexibility of a self-paced course (you have up to one year to complete the course.)


Registration is Easy! Register online as you would for any other course. Students may register for correspondence courses at any time and are given one calendar year to complete a course, unless you are a financial aid recipient. Students using financial aid must check with a financial aid counselor to determine how taking a correspondence course will affect their award. (For example, Financial Aid students may not have a full year to complete a course.)

• If you are not a current MSU Denver student please contact 303-450-5111 for application procedures.

Tuition Rate

Beginning Fall 2013, tuition is $174 per credit hour plus fees or $522 for a 3 credit hour class plus fees (subject to change). Correspondence courses are not eligible for the COF Stipend.

Course Materials

Please contact the Extended Campus Office at 303-450-5111 to obtain your study packet (syllabus).  Students enrolled in self-paced online correspondence classes will access study packets through Blackboard.  Textbooks can be purchased  at the Auraria Campus Bookstore at the Auraria Higher Education Center, or online at

bookstore link image for extended campus page

Applicability of correspondence courses to majors may vary with departments.  Please contact your major department before registering if you intend a correspondence course to fulfill a major requirement.

Independent Study

Metropolitan State University of Denver is a member of the Colorado Consortium for Independent Study. The Consortium includes eleven colleges and universities in Colorado, offering a variety of courses through independent study.

For More Information:

Other Distance Learning Opportunities offered at MSU Denver:



HTE290A - Urban Vegetable Gardening

CRN 41104

Fridays, 8:30-1:50

May 23 - July 25

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