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Department of Economics

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The Department of Economics welcomes you to MSU Denver!


The Economics program at MSU Denver offers a rigorous academic experience which teaches you to think like an economist, a unique and valuable skill. The discipline trains students to critically analyze and evaluate information, thus giving them the fundamental tools to succeed in any field or in graduate study. Our graduates have started businesses, found jobs in finance and government, and gone to graduate school for advanced degrees in economics, law, public policy, and M.B.A.s.

If you value an intellectual challenge, with real-world applications, we invite you to consider the economics program at MSU Denver. Come see us in the Administration Building, Suite 530, for more information.


Kulkarni teaching ECO 2010-Macroeconomics Fall 2013


What is Economics?


The Department of Economics is a non-business degree program housed in the School of Business offering a traditional bachelors of arts degree. Economics is the scientific study of the allocation of scarce or limited resources among competing uses. The study of economics provides specialized and general knowledge of the operation of economic systems and institutions. The bachelor of arts degree program gives students a fundamental knowledge of domestic and foreign economies and the quantitative tools necessary for independent analytical research and thought. Specialized courses develop the student's ability to apply the tools of economic theory and analysis to a broad range of social, political, and economic issues. Such training is essential for graduates who wish to qualify for positions as professional economists and provides an excellent background for students interested in law school or graduate programs in economics, finance, or business.