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Frequently Asked Questions

A large project such as ConnectU is bound to stir up a number of questions. Please review our FAQ to find to find the answers you may be looking for. If you can't find it here please feel free to contact the helpdesk at 1-877-35AskIT (1-877-352-7548) or visit the MSU Denver HelpDesk website.


A: Currently, all full- and part-time faculty, staff and students at MSU Denver can log in to ConnectU. Emeritus staff can request to continue service through ConnectU and will be handled on an individual basis as policy allows.

A: When you first access the ConnectU portal you will have the option to look up your portal username and password.

A: All you will need is your portal username (your MSU Denver e-mail address) and login password. You will have a chance to lookup your portal username (your MSU Denver e-mail address) and initial password as soon as you log in.

You will access by either: 

  • Connecting directly to (

  • Clicking on the ConnectU Link on the University home page (

A: No. The focus of the ConnectU portal is to let you customize and access information that is personalized to your preferences and interests. The purpose of a general site, such as the home page, is to provide information to a broad audience.

A: If you are having trouble logging in to the portal, call the HelpDesk at 1-877-35AskIT (1-877-352-7548) or visit the MSU Denver HelpDesk website.

A: MSU Denver faculty and students have access to 10 open computer labs on campus and 17 department computer labs with complete and free internet access. For information and a map with posted lab hours, please visit Student technology fees pay for this access.

MSU Denver staff members have access to a computer through their departments. If you are unsure of how to access department computers, please see your department chair or office supervisor.

 A: ConnectU wil:

  • provide you easy access to the services you use as a faculty member
  • be the main source of communications with the University and the main source of information on your personnel records
  • provide additional features such as group functions and live chat opportunities with classes

You will miss out on some important services and information available through the portal if you don't use it, or at least visit it daily, such as:

Personal announcements: Announcements directed solely to you as a faculty member will include important information regarding your college news, polices, procedures and deadlines.
Campus-wide announcements: General campus announcements, such as campus and parking lot closures, with an opportunity to "subscribe" to targeted calendars, such as arts, athletics and student life.
Administrative Services: Links to important school services provided by various college departments, such as access to your personnel records through Banner Web, class lists and the dynamic Online Class Schedule - 24/7 up-to-date paperless course search system.