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240 students registered under new tuition rate

Just under one percent of this fall�s students at MSU Denver�240�are enrolled under the University�s new Colorado High School/GED Non-resident Tuition Rate that gives students a differentiated non-resident tuition rate if they meet specific criteria.

Judi Diaz Bonacquisti, associate vice president for enrollment management, says 275 students submitted documentation to be considered for the rate and that 240 of those are currently registered (97 are continuing students and 143 are new students). Students can adjust their schedules between now and census (Sept. 5), so the numbers are preliminary and likely to change, Diaz Bonacquisti adds.

�We were aware when we began implementation of this rate, that there would be undocumented students who would not be eligible and U.S. citizens who would,� Diaz Bonacquisti says. �A handful of the students who applied for the rate didn�t meet the criteria for the � non-resident rate, and a handful who received it are U.S. citizens.�

Under the plan, Colorado students who qualify for this rate pay $3,358 per semester�more than in-state students but less than the out-of-state rate they now pay�provided they attended a Colorado high school for at least three years, have a diploma from a Colorado high school or a Colorado GED, and have signed an affidavit certifying they are in good legal standing other than their immigration status.

Since it is a non-resident rate, a U.S. citizen who meets the above high school criteria, but has been living out-of-state, can qualify.

The policy has won praise from immigrant rights advocates and sharp criticism from some conservative lawmakers.

One undocumented MSU Denver student, Sarahi G. Hern�ndez Romo, told The New York Times earlier this month that the reduced tuition would allow her to focus on school, rather than worrying about drumming up enough money to enroll.

�It doesn�t mean I won�t have to work,� Hern�ndez Romo said. �But it will allow me to get my dream going.�

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