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Board of Trustees

Trustee Jack Pogge goes to class

By Doug McPherson

MSU Denver Trustee Jack Pogge would like to see more public-private partnerships on campus.
It was a place you wouldn�t expect to find a Metropolitan State University of Denver Board of Trustees member, but there he was: in the middle of a classroom, observing a philosophy class.

�That�s the most interesting experience I�ve had as a trustee so far,� says Jack Pogge, a retired businessman who has served on the board for a year and was reappointed recently to serve four more.

�I was fairly amazed by the interaction between the professor and the students. They weren�t nodding off like I used to do in school,� Pogge says with a chuckle.

Formerly the president and COO of CSG International Inc., Pogge joined the board amid weighty issues facing the University, including the name change and the Colorado High School/GED Non-resident Tuition Rate for undocumented students.

Pogge says he knew very little about MSU Denver a year ago. �Everything I�ve learned has been new. I was surprised by the size. It�s not a community college, it�s a full-fledged university.�

A couple of issues Pogge is wrestling with now are funding and Internet-based education. �With government cutting back, higher education will definitely get hit again, so the school will need to look at how private schools raise money. And with Internet delivery, there needs to be some balance to get lectures out to the masses and maintain the interactivity of actual classes.�

For the remainder of his term, Pogge hopes to see more public-private partnerships like those between MSU Denver and the business community that made the Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center a reality.

�That�s a good avenue for a real education students can use right out of college,� he says.

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