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Jackson Lamb�s videos look good enough to eat

By Cliff Foster

Some online videos can make you laugh, some can make you cry, and some can even make you hungry.

If you�re a meat-eater, Jackson Lamb�s steak-recipe videos are in the last category.

Lamb, assistant professor of hospitality, tourism and events management, offers tips and techniques ranging from creating a simple steak marinade to aging a rib eye in nine brief videos that appear on eHOW.

Did you buy a tough piece of meat? Lamb shows you how to tenderize it. Tired of the same old New York strip? Then spice it up with pesto sauce and gorgonzola cheese. Worried about your waistline? Lamb tells you how to cook a low-cal steak.

The videos came about after Lamb and a videographer got together through a company that, among other things, matches various experts with filmmakers. They shot the videos�the longest is 4 minutes, 17 seconds�over 5 hours on Nov. 30 in the culinary demonstration classroom at the University�s Hospitality Learning Center.

Lamb opens each cooking demonstration with an introduction that includes a reference to MSU Denver. He had sketched out talking points but didn�t have a script. He supplied the steaks, and curious students and others who stopped by ate the results of his handiwork.

There could be more videos on the way. Lamb says the department could produce instructional videos for online learning. A meat and seafood company has approached him about a possible how-to-cook fish series. The videographer he worked with wants to do for pork chops what they did for steak.

Lamb, a board member of Food Bank of the Rockies, says how-to videos can be instructive for people who rely on pantry items like pasta, beans and canned goods. �You get a can of pumpkin. What are you going to do with that?� A video could supply the answer to that and other dry and canned goods questions.

In fact, online instruction is promising way to pass on tips to foodies and microwave chefs alike. �Not everybody can cook,� he says. �Video is not an intimidating teaching tool.�

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