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Board of Trustees

Isenberg: �I love serving�

By Doug McPherson

Walter Isenberg, who was appointed to a four-year term on MSU Denver's Board of Trustees in January 2012, has supported the University for more than two decades.
It should be no surprise that Walter Isenberg is a member of Metropolitan State University of Denver�s Board of Trustees. He was appointed in January 2012 to a four-year term, but he�s been an ardent and active supporter of MSU Denver for more than 20 years.

In fact, plenty of MSU Denver students owe their start in hospitality to Isenberg. As president of Sage Hospitality, a leading hotel management company in Denver, he�s delivered countless internships, scholarships and career starts to many at the University.

Why does he lend the support? �The University�s hospitality program produces tremendous students who enter the workforce well-educated and well-trained,� he says.

He�s also a fan of the University�s goal of putting higher education into everyone�s reach.

�We believe high-quality education should be a right for all,� he says. �MSU Denver is providing that opportunity through low tuition costs with high academic standards.Education ultimately is the ticket to economic success for everyone.�

Despite his admiration, Isenberg says there�s still work to do. Specifically, he finds funding one of the more pressing problems. �Metro has to move from an institution that relies heavily on state funding to fundraising�but it has no legacy of private fundraising.�

Isenberg says during his tenure on the board he�d like to help by continuing to raise funds and shaping the curriculum to match the new Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center. (Isenberg�s Sage Hospitality manages the SpringHill Suites Denver Downtown).

�I love serving and I�m passionate about the University�s vision,� Isenberg says.�I�m proud to serve as a trustee.�

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