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Jordan testifies at ASSET bill hearing

President Stephen Jordan testified at last Thursday�s Senate Education Committee hearing on SB 13-033, which would allow undocumented students to attend public higher education institutions in Colorado at the in-state tuition rate.

The committee passed the bill on a 6 � 3 vote, with a Republican senator�Owen Hill of Colorado Springs�casting an aye vote for the first time in the 10 years that the ASSET bill has been introduced. It now goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Jordan has become a go-to advocate for the bill because of MSU Denver�s longstanding support for ASSET as well as its adoption of the Colorado/GED Non-resident Tuition Rate. He was asked to speak at the Jan. 15 rally at the state Capitol on the day the bill was introduced and then at the education committee hearing.

�I am proud to be called upon to showcase MSU Denver as a leader in this issue,� Jordan says. �As I continue to say, children should not be penalized for the actions of their parents. On top of that, society benefits as much as these young people do.

"Building and maintaining a strong economy depends on a well-educated workforce whose members contribute to the community's quality of life through higher tax revenues and greater productivity.�

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