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Colorado Combined Campaign @ MSU Denver

‌‌Welcome to the 2015 Colorado Combined Campaign.

As of 09/01/2015Fundraising Thermometer

The Colorado Combined Campaign allows you to also donate your money to various charities and agencies. You may also choose to donate without specifying a recipient, in which case your money goes into a common pool distributed to all the member agencies of Colorado Combined Campaign.


Why donate through the Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC):

  • Every donor may designate that their donation go only to charities of their choosing and the campaign is completely optional and totally confidential.

  • Donations made through the CCC have a greater impact when they are combined with the contributions from other fellow State employees.

  • Contributions are tax deductible. Every agency in the CCC directory is a recognized 501 (C) (3), the IRS nonprofit status and All of the nonprofits that are supported by the CCC are located and deliver services within the State of Colorado. 

  • The CCC offers a wide variety of charitable organizations ranging from the arts, environmental causes, educational institutions, and health and human services.

  • Colorado Combined Campaign is run by state employees for state employees. An Advisory Board made up of State employees sets policy, drafts by-laws, selects the nonprofits and oversees the administration of the Campaign.


The deadline for returning completed forms or donating online to the Colorado Combined Campaign is December 31, 2015.