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B.A.S.E. Petition
Grade Appeal Petition (27 KB)
Institutional Correction (24 KB)
Late Enrollment Form (48 KB)
Overload Exception Form (52 KB)
Time Conflict Form (26 KB)
Transfer Course Approval
Tuition and Fees Appeal


The following two documents are maintained and available on the Office of the Registrar's Web page:

Audit Approval 
Pass-Fail Option

Board of Academic Standards Exception Petition (BASE Petition)

Students may appeal to the Board of Academic Standards Exceptions
(BASE) to request a variance from College academic requirements.

Purpose: To review with appropriate administrative offices those
guidelines and criteria to be considered for exceptions to
published college standards.

BASE Petition Procedures


  • Students may need to obtain several signatures.  The signatures required may vary based on the student’s specific request (see below). 
  • Signators must mark whether they approve or deny the request, and include a written rationale for their decision.

Always Required Signatures

  • Signature of the chair of the major department. 
  • Signature of the Dean’s Office over their major (e.g., Letters, Arts and Sciences; Professional Studies; or Business)    

Commonly Required Signatures

  • In most cases, students will also need to obtain the signature of the chair of the department or departments most directly related to the exception being requested.   For example, if a student is requesting to use a History course to substitute for a General Studies requirement, they must obtain the endorsement of the History Department. 

Optional Signatures

  •  Signature of the course instructor.
  •  Signature of the student’s academic advisor.


The student should obtain the signature of the applicable department(s) as described above before submitting the request to the appropriate Dean’s Office(s).

Basic Degree Requirements:

Degree Requirements as outlined in the catalog (click hyperlink)

Students are responsible for full knowledge of the provisions and regulations pertaining to their program contained in this Catalog and elsewhere. Students have final responsibility for completing the requirements for a degree and are urged to seek advising. Students should never assume that they have approval to deviate from a stated requirement without a properly signed statement to that effect. Please refer to the Academic Policies and Procedures in the Catalog.

Requirements That Cannot Be Waived For Any Student:

  • 120 semester hours minimum credit for graduation with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • 40 semester hours minimum upper-division credit for graduation with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Awarding upper-division credit for courses completed at a junior or community college.
  • Any required portion of a degree: major, minor, general studies and emphasis.
  • 2.00 or other (higher) minimum GPA requirement in the major, the minor, and for all Metro state programs.
  • 50 hours at Metro State prior to the term of graduation to be eligible for graduation with honors.
  •  A "No Credit" (NC) notation on the student's record.