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Accessing the BANNER database by means other than official BANNER forms and Job Submission jobs is deemed to be "Ad Hoc" access. The ability to use "Ad Hoc" methods of accessing BANNER data poses a very high security risk and is therefore strictly controlled. No confidential data, regardless of its form or its format, may be saved onto a desktop computer, laptop, PDA, Smart Phone, or portable storage media. Additionally, no confidential data, regardless of its form or its format, may be carried away from the workplace.

Before submitting a request for "Ad Hoc" access, you should be familiar with FERPA regulations, the Responsible Use of IT Resources, the BANNER Security policy, the Interim Policy Regarding Access to and Saving of Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Numbers policy, and the Ad Hoc Access to BANNER Database policy. Ad Hoc access to BANNER data will be given to qualifying full time employees only. 

Be aware that people (and programs) with access to BANNER data, regardless of its form (electronic or print), must insure that all reasonable and prudent measures are taken to protect the data from theft and unauthorized or accidental viewing, copying, downloading, modification or destruction. The data must be protected while in use, in transit and in storage. The Division of Information Technology is to be notified immediately in the event the security of any BANNER or other administrative data is compromised.

Download BANNER Ad Hoc Access Request Form.  New Adhoc Access Request Form
Your completed request form will need to be approved, signed, dated and returned by the appropriate BANNER Module owner listed below.



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