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Registering for the Mathematics Peer Study Program

Many students sign up for the Mathematics Peer Study Program (MPSP) because they find the extra support they receive helpful in being successful in their math course. Some students are required to take part in MPSP as a condition of being allowed to enroll in the course. See the MPSP website for details.

If you are required to participate in MPSP, you will need permission to enroll in the course. If you know which course you're enrolling in and don't need other advising help, you don't necessarily need to come in to get that permission. Here is how that works:

  1. If you haven't done so already, read information about the Program
  2. Download and complete the Mathematics Peer Study Program agreement
  3. Sign and date the agreement!
  4. Fax the agreement to MPSP at 303-556-5381 (attention Jean or Audrey)
  5. If you have the ability to scan the signed contract, you can also email that to
    1. Fax the agreement OR email it--doing both is confusing and can cause delays
  6. After permission is in place (which can be seen in the "Registration Permit – Date and Time" screen on MetroConnect), search for "Mathematical Sciences" and the course number of the course you have permission to take (eg 1110, 1310, 1080) and register for that
  7. After registering for the course, you must register for the Peer Study. To this, do a new class search for "Mathematical Sciences" and the course number for the peer study related to your course (0008 for 1080, 0011 for 1110, 0012 for 1210, 0031 for 1310)
  8. See the handout on which Peer study sections the Math Department suggests you take for each lecture sections (available in Math Department and Academic Advising)
  9. If when you attempt to register for a Peer Study course and you get an error "See Department," you must go to the Math Department to see if it will be possible to add the course. This is more likely to occur close to the beginning of the term

If you do have more in-depth questions, please set up a time to meet with an advisor.