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Event Name: CANCELLED - Lunch with Lawmakers: Intellectual Property
Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Location: Tivoli 320's
Event Status: Passed
Category: Campus Wide Events

Christina Saunders, the founder and managing attorney at Nouveau Law LLC, will be presenting on key concepts of Intellectual Property Law. The discussion will focus primarily on trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks, while providing particular insight as to how individuals and businesses obtain rights, commercialize upon and protect their intellectual property assets. Significant differences between the different forms of intellectual property will be explained, as well as the importance of each area in application.

Specifically, the discussion will explore trade secrets, including how to obtain trade secret protection, and why itís important to businesses. Copyright fundamentals will also be explained, including how and what qualifies for copyright protection, as well as fundamentals of ownership, transferability and protecting copyrights. Key points in permissions, licensing and fair use will also be discussed. Additionally, the presentation will explore trademarks and provide key legal principles for marketing and branding. This lecture is open to anyone wanting to know more about intellectual property, with specific emphasis on trade secrets, copyright and trademark law. Lunch and beverages are provided.
Start Time: 12:30pm
End Time: 01:45pm
Contact: Event Coordinator
Reservation: This event is not utilizing event reservations and is open to all.