MSU Denver Calendar Event
Event Name: Mentoring Undergraduate Students
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012
Location: CN-103
Event Status: Passed
Category: Training - Faculty Development
Description: Mentoring students, whether for their Honors theses or for undergraduate research, can be both rewarding and challenging. Whereas most faculty have devoted the majority of their professional lives to developing their expertise within their field of study, seldom are there opportunities to reflect on and develop the skills of turning a research project into a high-impact learning experience. Conflict management, group process/team building skills, motivation, coaching, and resource management are all skills that can be called upon when mentoring undergraduate students. We are not alone, however, in our work as mentors of undergraduates. Faculty colleagues can be some of the most helpful resources in support of the shared challenges of mentoring undergraduates. This workshop will gather the wisdom and experience of faculty participants and lay the groundwork for building faculty support networks in the interest of advancing our work as mentors of undergraduate students. Workshop co-sponsored by the Center for Faculty Development, the Honors Program, and the Undergraduate Research Program. Lunch will be provided. PLEASE REGISTER PRIOR TO 11/1 BY CLICKING ON THE EVENT AND FOLLOWING THE PROMPTS.
Start Time: 12:30pm
End Time: 01:45pm
Contact: Event Coordinator
Reservation: 2 seat(s) available, click here to Reserve a seat.